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Advice to Buyers of Older Medium Format Cameras by Roland Rashleigh-Berry
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Medium Format Camera Types - Overviews
Point and Shoot Cameras such as the roll-film Diana and $15 Holgas
Classic Folder Cameras (FAQ) such as the roll-film Bessa and Moskva 5 folders
Rangefinder Cameras from Mamiya 7 down
Twin Lens Reflex Cameras such as the Rolleiflex, MamiyaFlex, Yashica-Mats..
Single Lens Reflex Cameras such as the Hasselblad, Rollei, Bronica, Pentax 67, Kiev 88..
Panoramic medium format cameras such as the Fuji G617..
Medium Format press cameras using roll-film backs etc.
Medium format using Polaroid cameras and materials such as p/n type 55 film negatives
Medium Format view cameras and roll-film backs such as Linhof and Graflex
Odd-ball Miscellaneous Medium Format cameras such as the Alpa, Baby Rollei..
Pinhole (lens-less) Medium Format Cameras (you can build...)
Medium Format Cameras by Brand and Models (photos, info, links..)
Hosted Articles on Medium Format
Adapt Oddball Lenses for Better Tele Shots (Howard G. Ross on lens hacking..)
Advice to Buyers of Older Medium Format Cameras by Roland Rashleigh-Berry
Circular Waste of Life: A Primer on Buying Equipment (Danny Gonzalez)
Docter Optic History and Lenses by Arne Croell
Ensuring Color Accuracy for your Digital Photos by Shawn Mulligan (2/2004)
Equivalent Focal Lengths (9 formats) by Michael K. Davis
Exposure Compensation Chart by Jerry McCollum (text/pdf chart)
Film Selection & Sorting Spreadsheet (Michael K. Davis) [07/2000]
Filter Impact on LPMM & Contrast Tests
Focal Plane Shutters in MF by Sam Sherman [2/2001]
Focus Problems - Photographer's Nightmare by John Petterson [3/19/99]
Hasselblad Extension Tube Exposure Guide (Adrian Seah)
Hasselblad Lens Guide version 1.7 by D.A. Munroe
Homebrew 5x4" Superwide 47mm Camera (by John Stafford) [2/2004]
Kiev-88 versus Bronica S2A by Sam Sherman [3/2001]
Large Format New Lenses for 8x10 and 11x14 Specs by Michael K. Davis
Lens Test (35mm vs. 645/6x6) by Fernando Carello [6/2003]
Lens Testing in the Back Yard by Jim Bullock [7/2003]
MTF - Reading MTF Curves by Ryszard Stasinski
Nikon Screens by Rodrigo Gimenez (35mm SLRs) [8/2000]
Preflashing Film by Elyod Samoht (adds +1/2 stop in shadows)
Psychology of Photography - Bronica vs. 35mm SLRs by Sam Sherman [4/2001]
Reciprocity Spreadsheet for Velvia (Excel 5+ - Michael K. Davis)
Rolling 120 Film Onto a 620 Spindle Article by Al Thompson
Romancing the Rare Earths - A History of the Enhancing Filter by Howard G. Ross
Solar Eclipse Filter Safety by Dr. Chou (and homebrew options)
Umax Astra 2200 Review by Sam Sherman (budget med fmt scanner) [4/2001]
Wildlife Photography Beginner's Guide by Bob Talbot (HUMOR!) [10/2000]
Zen of Subminiature Cameras by David Foy
Why Medium Format? by Sam Sherman (history, format changes...) [3/2001]
Local Medium Format & Photography Articles
Adapt Oddball Lenses for Better Tele Shots (Howard G. Ross on lens hacking..)
Aerial Photography Cautions
Anamorphic Lens Adapters (35mm/6x6..)
Autofocus Problems Page [9/19/99]
Jeff Albro's IMPACT! Guide to Used Equipment Sites
Archival Film and Print Resources (will your photos last a lifetime?)
Art Photography Resources
Backups in Practical Photography
Ball Head Lubrication Tips
Batteries for Photographers
Beat This! Incredible Prices for Simple Photo Items (humor) [03/00]
Beating the 50 Lines per mm Resolution Limit [03/00]
Best Buys: Finding Great Values in Photography (Draft) [8/2000]
Big Pro Filters Pages (see also Filters FAQ)
Blind Lens Testing Project (10/2001)
Blind Lens Testing Proposal (10/2001)
Bokeh - Out of Focus Background Camera Lens Highlights
Books and Related Resources in Photography
Camera and Lens Buying Tips
Camera Bag Alternatives
Camera Bag Contents and Photo Gadgets Worth Packing
Camera Manuals Available Online
Catch 22 PhotoGear Buyers Guide [10/2000]
Center Filter Homebrew Tips and Surplus Sources [02/00]
Circular Fisheye Lens Adapter for under $100
Classic Camera Film Sizes, Sources, and Film Adapters
Close Focusing Lens Issues [12/2000]
Coatings: Single versus Multicoated Lenses (minimal differences..)
Cold Weather Camera Tips
Cost of Upgrading and Prediction of Improvements (10/2001)
Courses in Photography
Coverage of 35mm Lenses [01/00]
Critical Focusing (small focus errors cost 50% resolution..)
Dallas Texas Photography Resource Notes
Dark Cloths Homebrewing Tips (save $175!) [01/00]
Death Spiral of Serious Amateur Photography
Deja Vu - Camera Prices from Yesterday
Depth of Field Tables for Medium Format
Depth of Field Estimation (postings)
Developing your Photographic Strengths
Developing Tank for 4x5 and up to 11x14 Paper Processing (PVC $5)
Diffraction in Photography
Digital vs. Film
Diopter Correction Lenses
EBAY Price Comparisons and Related Postings
Enlarger Lens Freebie - Using Normal Lens on Enlarger
Exposure Compensation for Lenses and Bellows
EV - Exposure Values for the Photographer
F Stop Ratio Calculations (posting)
Fast Glass (do you need it?) [10/2000]
Field of View Tables (6x6) (+ links)
Filing Slide and Negatives
Film Flatness Issues (added 3/26/99)
Film Holders (for 4x5", 6x9cm, 4x10"..)
Film Listings for Medium Format Cameras (120 Roll-film)
Film Resolution in Lines Per MM (film limits us, not lenses..)
Fisheye and Wide Angle Russian and Ukrainian Lenses [11/2000]
Flash 600 Volt Trigger Voltages - Danger to Electronic Cameras
Flash Extenders (60+ feet flash) [fresnel]
Flashbulbs for Medium Format Problem Solving
Homemade Filters and Free Filter Sample Tips
Fresnel Lenses for 4x5 Cameras, Enlargers, Strobes
Fun Telescopes for Under $10 (lens hacking)
Hasselblad Lens Guide version 1.7 by D.A. Munroe
Hasselblad on a Budget Guide [10/2000]
Hasselblad University - A Student's Notes (1998 series)
History of Cameras, Film, Photography Notes [03/00]
History of Medium Format SLR Cameras
Homebrew and Handmade Cameras
Homebrew Medium Format Lenses for Focal Plane MF (Bronica)
Hong Kong... Price Savings on Medium Format PhotoGear (to 40%)
Human Eye in Photographic Terms (f/stop, f/l)
Hyperfocal Distance Formula
Insurance for Amateur, Semi-Pro, or Professional Photographers
Kodak Ektar Lenses
Large Format Lenses for 4x5" (sorted by names, mfger, design)
Large Format on a Micro Budget
Lens Cleaning
Lens Coloration Testing and Control [8/8/99]
Lens Elements - A Few Go A Long Way!
Lens Fault Hierarchy - dust, fungus, bubbles..
Lens Flare and What to Do About It!
Lens Hacker Hall of Fame (Bronica Chapter)
Lens Mount Converters FAQ (lens X mounting on brand Y)
Lens Nodal Point Location [added 3/12/99]
Lens Recoating and Prism Resilvering FAQ
Lens Resolution Testing
Loupes for Slide Viewing - Alternatives and Homebrew Options
Lens Magnification Factors Calculation (3/23/99)
Macrophotography on Medium Format
Mail-Order Processing
Mamiya C2xx/3xx TLR Interchangeable Lenses by Dr. Robert Smith (8/2003)
Medium Format Camera Features Guide
Medium Format Enlargers
Medium Format Mailing and Discussion Lists [02/00]
Medium Format Slide Projectors (new/used)
Mirror Lockup Benefits Page [10/99]
Mirrored Spheres for Ultrawide and Unusual Photo Shots (sources..) [8/2000]
Monopods in Photography
Moonlight Landscapes Exposure Guide
MTF lens testing
MTBF - Hasselblad 500c Reliability Analysis
Nikon Finders and Right Angle Finders by Rodrigo Gimenez (35mm SLRs) [8/2000]
Obsolescence of Camera Mounts - Avarice or Necessity? (posting)
Optical Glass Manufacturers
Panoramic Medium Format Using Folder Cameras..
Panoramic Nimslo XXXpan ($25 US for 22x72mm) [6/2000]
Panoramic Postcard Kodak #1A/#3A 6x12cm (+film shifts, under $50 US) [6/2000]
Permits, Permission, and You Can't Publish That! [added 3/17/99]
Photo Ads Surprises (FUN!!)
Photographic Filters (including series filters)
Photography Magazines for Serious Amateurs and Professionals
Photo-Quiz #1 (Surprising Pointers from an entry level text..)
Photosources for hard to find items.. (by Joseph)
Photosources - Photography Manufacturer's Listing (by Joseph)
Photosources - Popular Photography Reviews List (by Joseph)
Picking MF Camera (Draft) [11/2000]
Prices!- Why is Medium Format So Expensive?
Pro Photographers are WIMPS because: (humor) [8/24/99]
Pronouncing Photo Terms Guide (6/2003)
Radioactive Glass - are Your Lenses "Hot"? [8/2000]
Rangefinders - 35mm Model Best Buys (also AF, Viewfinders..)
Rangefinders - Russian Lenses (Leica mount etc.)
Rangefinders - Leica Clone Notes
Reciprocity Failure Guide for Films
Renting Medium Format Gear (over 250 rental sources)[6/2003]
Rolleiflex TLR in Underwater Rolleimarin Housing
Roll Film Backs (Draft)
Sales and Ownership of Medium Format
Scanning Medium Format Images
Shift lenses postings [from 1998] (see also Homebrew Shift Lenses)
Shutter Info Pages
SLR Lens Availability Tables (645, 66, 67) and Notes [9/2000]
Soft Focus Lens and Filters Tricks
Sound Levels of Cameras (Photomyth surprises..)
Sources of 127 film (4x4cm superslides)
Space Shuttle Photography [10/99]
Square Format Benefits - 6x6cm vs. 6x4.5cm
Statistics of the Photo Industry (surprises!)
Storage of Cameras, Lenses, Batteries, and Film
*Student Discounts in Medium Format New Equipment (Bronica, Mamiya..)
Studio Setup Notes
Sunny-16 Rule - Setting the Right Exposure by Guess and by Golly [3/2001]
Superslides (square 4x4cm fit into 35mm projectors)
Super Wide Angle Adapter for under $50
System Camera Analysis - weaknesses versus strength, mix and match...
Teleconverters for Medium Format (Bronica)
Top Ten Myths of Photography
Travel Photography
Tricolor Filter Effects and the Harris Shutter
Turning Semi-Pro in Photography
Using Polaroid Camera Lenses on MF and 4x5 Cameras (postings)
Ultraviolet Photography using Uncoated Lenses (MF/LF)
Ultraviolet Light Photography
Ultrawide Lens Options Analysis
Underwater Medium Format Camera Housings (Bronica)
Unrepairable Pro Camera Warnings.. [10/2000]
Vibration and Shutter Testing Page [9/19/99]
Viewfinder Pages [9/2000]
Viewfinder Surprises - Magnification and Cutoff [12/2000]
Vision - Photographer's Tricks to Beat Failing Eyesight [01/00]
Weights of Cameras (many surprises..)
Weston Light Meters - History, Current Sources, Repairs
Wide Angle and Telephoto Adapters for Under $50
Wide/Ultrawide Angle Medium Format Options (Budget..) [8/2000]
You Might be a Nikon Geek If: (humor) [03/00]
Homebrew Camera Gear Tips
Bag Alternatives (low cost alternatives)
Battery FAQ (and homebrew nicad pack tips)
Bellows Homebrew Tips
Cambo Wide Homebrew Camera
Cameras - Homebrew and Handmade Examples
Center Filter Homebrew Tips and Surplus Sources [02/00]
Dark Cloths Homebrewing Tips (save $175!) [01/00]
Developing Tube for Huge Prints (PVC homebrew)
Enlarger Lens from Normal Camera Lens (save $$!)
Film Adapters for Obsolete Films and 120 (build 'em)
Camera Finders (Homebrew Tips..) [9/2000]
Fisheye Homebrew Tips (door security optics..)
Filter Making Tips (big filters, cheap tricks..)
Fresnel Lenses for 4x5 Cameras, Enlargers, Strobes (Home Depot $1)
Harris Shutter for Tricolor Effects
Lens Boards - Homebrew Drilling and Milling Tips
Lens Hoods Homebrewing Tips and Tests
Lenses for Medium Format (homebrew mounts)
Light-Table Homebrew Tips (posting)
Loupes for Light Table Homebrew Tips
Mirror Alignment Tool Making Tips (alignment, art/document photos..) [02/00]
Pinhole Cameras (homebrew tips..)
Polaroid Test Cameras (homebrew..) [9/2000]
Repair Tool Making Tips and Tricks
Resolution Testing Charts and Manual Online
Shutter Speed Testers ($5..)
Solar Eclipse Filter Safety (homebrew options)
Spheres for Ultrawide Fisheye Shots (Xmas tree balls..)
Studio Equipment Tips (homebrew light boxes..)
Telescopes Homebrewing Tips (Astro.)
Local Camera Repair and Restoration Tips
Bellows Restoration Tricks
Bronica Focus Problem Fix by Sam Sherman (camera foam fix)
Bubble Levels for Cameras (Homebrew Tips)
Camera Bellows Repair Tricks
Camera Finders (Homebrew Tips..) [9/2000]
Camera Repair Sources and Sites [3/20/99]
Cementing Lenses Guide (Summer's Optical Site)
Cementing Lenses Postings
Cleaning Camera Shutters (postings)
Cleaning and Flattening Wrinkled and Spotted Photographs (Don Hodgdon, local article)
Electronic Camera LCD Limited Life Warning
Film Spool Differences and Mis-spacing in Film Backs [6/23/99]
Fixing Frozen Folder Focus/Rangefinders (Agfa/Ansco) by Mark Langer
Flash Synch Field Test
Flat Black Paint Resources [06/2000]
Focusing Cloth Notes (large format)
Gasket Repairs on Medium Format Cameras
Glue, Adhesives, and Camera Leather Repair Tips
Ground Glass Cleaning Tips (postings)
Hasselblad 500EL/ELM Battery Pack replacement (Gene Pallat)
Knife Edge Infinity Focusing Test (Zeiss Nettar Folder)
Infinity Focus Adjustments
Light Leaks on Film Backs (Hassy, Kiev)
Mirror Cleaning Tips [8/12/99]
Mirror Alignment Tool Homebrew Tips (alignment, art/document photos..) [02/00]
Painting and Retouching Camera Paint
Preventing Fungus and Mildew Attacks on Cameras and Lenses (John S. Bond, local)
Pseudo-MTF Tester Project
Rangefinder Adjustments (Koni-Omega RF)
Repair Costs Examples
Repair Tools for Cameras and Lenses
Repair Manuals and Books for Camera Repairpersons
Replacing Deteriorated Foam on Cameras (prisms and mirrors)
Rollei TLR Repair Notes
Scratches on Film (postings)
Shutter Speed Testers (under $5)
Shutter Speed Testing using Soundcard for $3
Strap for Rollei Twin Lens Reflex Cameras by Dan W. Post
TLR Bayonet III adapter (to 52mm thread)
Unrepairable Pro Camera Warnings.. [10/2000]
Wet and Flooded Cameras - and What to Do About Them [03/00]
Draft Pages
Achieving Perfection (very drafty)
Specialty Areas of Medium Format Photography (Draft) [8/2000]
Types of Medium Format Cameras (Draft) (pros/cons) [8/2000]
Zen Guide to Lenses (Drafty)
Ideal Format 6x7cm Camera Options[10/2002]